Packaging Design Company

Karniz Packs is a creative, branding, and packaging design agency based in Kerala. Since 1999, our expertise has helped our consumer brands grow and get noticed. From our base in Kochi, Kerala, we work with some of the best clients and brands across the country - from big household names to small startups, challengers, and market leaders.

As one of the established packaging design companies in Kerala, we have a wide range of experience across categories and sectors, from food packaging design to beverage packaging to pharmaceuticals, personal care, cleaning, and home care. We have the experience and expertise whether it is brand designing, logo designing, innovation, simple product packaging, or label designing.

With a flexible, no-nonsense approach and a down-to-earth attitude, we cut through the jargon. We pride ourselves on being flexible, refreshingly honest, and completely independent. Think Karniz Packs as your external, in-house agency. We are efficient, focusing on creativity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that smart packaging significantly increases product sales, while poor packaging can drastically decrease company sales. Therefore, while developing our packaging, we emphasize factors such as appealing colors, legibility of the message, protection of the product, and hence the convenience of transportation. All our efforts are aimed at making your product outshine all other brands on the shelf.