Carton Box Manufacturers

Are you looking for carton box manufacturers in Kerala? Then Karniz Packs is the place for you, as we offer a huge range of packaging materials for your business. Whether your business is established or just starting, we can meet your packaging needs. Our low minimum order quantities are ideal for small businesses and the event industry. Sometimes you may only need packaging for a one-off event or marketing campaign, so our low minimum order quantities are ideal for your business.

We supply a wide range of packaging materials, from packaging boxes to gift boxes to food packaging, cartons, and more! Whether you are a small business just starting or an established company looking for packaging that will make your product stand out from the saturated market, we can help.

A cornerstone of secondary packaging is the poster board folding carton. The poster board is specifically designed to crease easily, and some stocks are purchased for their tear resistance. The most important advantage of folding boxes is that they are shipped flat and assembled upon arrival, making them an incredibly cost-effective alternative to packaging that must be fully manufactured.