What are some ways to reduce the cost of product packaging 

What are some ways to reduce the cost of product packaging

What Are Some Ways to Reduce the Cost of Product Packaging?

With increased competition in most sectors of the market, plus price pressures affecting everything from raw materials to logistics, companies must find ways to cut costs to stay competitive. Packaging is one of the first aspects to reduce as it will not interfere with other more essential aspects, such as production and operations. Every wise manager wants to reduce packaging costs at every level. Reducing costs is a necessary adjustment in any business. A lot can be done to optimize your shipping packaging and reduce packaging costs. However, it is important to keep in mind the quality of the packaging as it represents your business. All of these changes involve innovating the way you operate, making it harder to save money in the process. So how do you reduce your packaging costs? Here are some simple steps.

Be proactive, not reactive

You find that your costs are skyrocketing, you are getting more profits, or there are huge inefficiencies. Paying attention to the process and using the products without problems means you can see how effective it is and if there are some simple ways to reduce your packaging costs. Compare that to checking your packaging when there is a problem and you'll add the stress and pressure of needing to find savings. Consider scheduling a packaging inspection every 6 months to reassess your supplies, procedures, and packaging methods.

Fit many or two commodities in one box

Items with striking structures and sizes will expect a particular layout. You would think that void fillers can protect your products from external influences, but that is just a waste of money and space. Look for custom inserts designed specifically for your product's shape. This minimizes space while keeping the item safe during transit. Larger-sized boxes can make an insert that fits several items of different forms. This way, you save space while presenting your items elegantly.

Challenge your current designs and configurations

Questioning your current packaging design can lead to significant potential savings, the packaging market is very dynamic and as a result, new materials and systems are regularly introduced. By sticking to the status quo, you risk losing the savings that could be accomplished by shifting to additional cost-effective packaging layouts.

Use high yield materials

Trials in a range of important food manufacturing factories have established that scientifically choosing the highest yield film desirable for the application will cost you more on a price-per-roll basis but will generate a considerable saving to your cost-in-use. The motive for this is, high yield pallet wrapping films comprise additives that improve their stability and puncture resistance. As a result, when you use a high yield draping film you can pertain far limited weight to the film and possess the same product security and strength.

When we visit food manufacturers 9 out of 10 times, we'll notice that they buy the cheapest type of pallet wrapper kg to try and keep costs down. While cheaper products may look more appealing on paper when they reach the production floor, you may have to use twice the weight of the film to produce the required results and also be a huge disappointment to the audience. This is where cost always outweighs the price. Tests at a wide range of major food manufacturing plants have shown that scientifically choosing the type of film that works best for the application will cost you more in terms of cost per roll, but will save you money. This is because high-performance pallet wraps contain additives that increase their strength and puncture resistance. As a result, when using a highly efficient packaging film, you can apply much less weight to the film and retain the protection and stability of the product.

Stick to one packaging supplier

Having a single packaging supplier for all your materials, whether it's boxes, paper bags, wrapping paper, or postcards, guarantees more discounts and lower prices per unit. Larger orders are usually cheaper per piece when ordered all at once. It's a strategy to lessen your packaging expenses without possessing to negotiate rates from one supplier to another. Reducing packaging costs requires careful research and analysis of your materials and processes. But it is an investment worth your time and resources.

Make the best use of your resources

One of the common mistakes when it comes to packaging is trying to use everything at once. When you do this, you are likely using up a lot of unnecessary stuff. This means you pay more to use what you don't need. It's a business nightmare! The best use of resources has a significant impact on costs. If you find that a product needs less, use less and keep the change. An effective packaging plan must eliminate all types of waste.

Minimize returns by ensuring products are properly packaged and transported

Product damage badly costs your business. When a customer returns a damaged product, all manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and return costs are sunk costs. Additionally, you have jeopardized your relationship with a customer who may no longer buy from you or worse, share their negative experience with friends, family, and social media. There are two main causes of product damage: damage from improper packaging and shipping. While the former is easier to handle, the latter seems difficult to deal with.

Stay tuned to packaging industry innovations

Especially for changes related to your field, whether it is food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals. The packaging industry invests in research and development to design products that are stronger, lighter, safer, and environmentally friendly. All of these contribute to cost savings. More durable packaging reduces the chance of damage during transit. Lightweight packaging limits the space you take up in straight trucks. Safe packaging reduces the possibility of spoilage and damage. Not to mention that your brand reputation benefits from eco-friendly products.

Set up benchmarks and specifications

Once you've found the optimal cost and packaging solution, take the time to develop its specifications. This means that you will consistently maintain your product image while receiving the savings you have made. You can use the benchmark for items such as pallet weight to quickly check that your savings plan is on track.

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